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on Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:31 pm

Hello and welcome to the ColdNetwork Staff-Team! Please make sure to read this entire thread before you do anything as it will help you out a lot and teach you how things work here.
Your job is to moderate all our platforms and make sure everyone is following the rules and players are having a good experience.

This thread will be updated whenever a big change happens that needs to be included.

If you are ever in need of your rank updating for Discord / Teamspeak please contact BAUM or Spookier and for In game / forums contact Nick or Pengurino.


Server Rules: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/official-rules.23932/

Forum Rules: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/official-forum-rules.23933/

Allowed Mods: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/official-allowed-mods-clients.23934/

SS-Guide [New]: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/new-screenshare-guide.26497/#post-175716

SS-Guide [Old]: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/old-screenshare-guide.23945/

Staff Forums: https://coldnetwork.net/forums/staff-forums/

Staff Permissions: https://coldnetwork.net/threads/new-staff-permissions.32142/


Note: This Information is mainly for Helpers but some things apply to the entire staff team.
Dear Helpers,
Welcome to the ColdNetwork staff team! We are all very excited to have you on the team!
Please make sure to read this thread thoroughly to make sure you understand it all. If you are unsure about anything please feel free to message me.
Here at ColdNetwork we like to do things a little differently! Please read through this document to familiarise yourself with our common procedures. Firstly, at ColdNetwork we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, we ask that you provide the best support you can offer. You may ask “What does it mean to offer excellent customer support?”, well at Cold we believe that if one is to offer excellent customer support one must be respectful and thoughtful of all players on the network and strive to improve in all areas of communication. To provide excellent customer support we need to think out of the box and go extra lengths to assist users, this may be helping users on the forums with issues they are experiencing etc. Please also note that when helping users on the forums you don’t just have to help with ColdNetwork related issues/questions, you may also help users with other things (e.g. downloading a resource pack), so when we say “provide excellent customer support” that’s what we mean.
First of all your main job as a helper is surprisingly enough to help. This can range from dealing with rule breakers in chat, support rooms on TeamSpeak or answering questions that players may have on the forums. Your goal as a helper is to achieve SS Verified in order to be promoted to Trial-Mod. If you are unfamiliar with screensharing you may ask one of our SS-Moderators to give you SS-Lessons before your tests. You may find out who is an SS-Moderator by asking in our Discord chat or by looking at their TeamSpeak icon.
As a helper you are restricted to a small amount of commands as you are currently in a testing phase so we can see if you will be a good fit for our staff team. One command that will help you out a lot is the “/p” command. /P is a punish command, when you run the command /p (player name) it will bring up a GUI with 5 categories which are Cheat Menu, Chat Menu, HCF/Kitmap Menu, SkyBlock Menu and Extra Menu.

is where you will find anything related to hacking / screensharing such as “Unfair Advantage, Logged whilst frozen, Cheats found in SS and more. If you ever come across a cheater please don't hesitate to message a T-Mod+ to come and help you out.

is where you will find anything related to chat, this is the section you will use the most as your job is to moderate the chat. Here you will find the punishments for things like Badsportsmanship, Toxic, Racial Slurs, Advertising and much more.

is where you will find any ban length related to HCF/Kitmap which could be Insiding, DTR Evading, Kick and Kill.

is where you will find any ban length related to SkyBlock which could be Scamming, TP-Kill etc

is where you found any punishments that are not related to the above topics such as Camping, Inappropriate name, Scamming

As a member of staff on ColdNetwork you will be responsible for many things. The guests who come to our server will look up to you for guidance. With that being said there are a few things for you to keep in mind. First and foremost is what you do/say, your actions will be seen by many of our guests, so here are some things to help you set a good example; first, good grammar and full words/sentences are a must on the server (and forums), this will not only help us and you look professional, but it also helps guests from countries in which English might not be their first language understand the chat better.
You may be staff but that doesn't mean you are above the rules. Being staff on Cold is a privilege not a right, please treat it as such. On a similar note, when punishing players who might have broken some of our rules, please refer to the Official Rules Thread to find time lengths for punishments.. You are not allowed to make up punishments anytime you wish, this can make our punishment system unfair and somewhat confusing to players. This of course does not mean that you have to sit and idle while a user is doing something you think should not be allowed. If this happens please notify or and gather evidence for proof.
For most of the staff that join the network, their goal is to be promoted. Promotions only are awarded to those who exceed our expectations. There are many ways you can improve your chances of being promoted, we look to see if you set personal goals and pass them. We also look to see if you are making a positive impact on the network (such as suggesting new ideas/features and providing excellent customer support). Staff do not need to ask the admin team if they can be promoted as we will check regularly and will promote staff when we feel they are ready. It can take some staff months for a promotion and for others it can take weeks, it really depends on if you are suggesting new features and learning from your mistakes.
If you wish to resign at any time, for any reason, we ask that you please do so in a discreet manner. When you resign please privately contact a Staff-Manager. We are constantly looking for ways to improve connections with our staff. If you are resigning for reasons that are related with dissatisfaction with our network, then please do not hesitate to tell us your concerns. However, we also ask you do not create a thread/post on the forums explaining why you are resigning as it can cause drama and make us look unprofessional.
All staff are to be polite and respectful to all users always. If a user is rude, please don't retaliate (excludes punishing), you're there to set an example.
All staff are to use proper grammar and type in full words and sentences, now this does not mean “gg” and “Smile” (etc) are prohibited, this is all fine and good but letters such as “u” are not to be substituted for the word “you”.
These threads will be continuously updated (when needed). Please check back for updates regularly as they will be very important. You may not share the documents with anyone other than current staff members on ColdNetwork..


You must follow all the following rules or you will either be staff warned or demoted depending on what you have done.


° You may not use your powers for any advantage (Such as getting base cords by teleporting in vanish) °

° You may not be staff on another Server / Network °

° You are obligated to do the jobs you have chosen for °

° You may not harm/harass another Server / Network °

° You are not allowed to leak anything that has been said in confidence unless told otherwise (This counts for all chat messages in general) °

° Be equal and fair when making punishments °

° No Bullying/ Fights °

° No criticizing each other in public (We are a team, critique can be given in private (pm, etc.) °

° No abuse (Tell the owners/managers/admins whistleblowers will always stay anonymous) °

° You may not keep abuse as a secret to protect a friend (This makes you equally guilty) °

° Don’t do favoritism (Punishments/promotions must be based on the crime/effort,work not the person him/herself) °

° You must be professional on the Forums, Discord, TeamSpeak and Server due representing the network. (When PMing a community members, we also expect you to be professional.) °

° You may not have Private Messages ingame turned off. Duels however are okay. (Disabling is allowed but when someone asks to PM enable it again.) °

°You are obligated to follow Global Rules (Ingame / Forums / Discord / TeamSpeak) °


° You must have minimal online time of 7 hours per week. Failure to do so will result in a staff warn. °

° You may not be offline for longer than 3 days, without a inactivity post (inactivity post limit is 1 month, exceptions can be made) °

° Do not ban solely based off of alerts, spectate them and see if they are cheating. If they aren’t blatant then freeze them and screenshare them °

° Always be mature and professional in all situations. °

° You can play on your staff account on Kitmap / Practice / SkyBlock only, under no circumstances may you play on your staff account on HCFactions or Factions (Excludes staffing) °

° Follow all the rules, just because you are staff doesn’t mean you can break the rules. °

° Do not argue with other staff members in public chat or in staff chat. °

° Never ban someone for anything that is not in the rules. °

° You may not afk on your staff account, being found AFK may result in disqualification from staff of the month or even lead into a Demotion °

° No joke/unprofessional bans, mutes, kicks, warns etc, doing so will result in a instant Staff warn. °

° do not Clear or Mute Chat without any purpose °

° Being Toxic / Unprofessional or breaking any Rules in global chat using an Alt will end in a StaffWarn °

° do not use Ingame StaffChat / AdminChat for offtopic stuff °


° Use the specific channels for their designed purpose, don’t sit and talk in a screenshare room use a staff room instead. °

° Do not AFK in TeamSpeak, if you for some reason need to go AFK for a short period of time you should always use the “Staff AFK Room”. If you are going to be gone for quite a long time just disconnect instead. °

° Do not randomly move players for no reason, doing so can be a staff warn if they choose to report you. °

° Do not spam move people °

° Do not ban or kick other staff at all. °

° Do not move StaffMembers without Permissions °


° Do not post useles threads in the Staff Forum °

° Do not warn someone and give them more warnings points than they need °

° Once you deal with a thread like a report, appeal, application always lock it and move it to the correct area. °

° If you see a spam thread make sure to click on the profile and click “spam” to remove the thread and ban the user. °

° Do not edit any thread with the “Information” tag or “Important” tag without asking permission from an Administrator °

° Don't accept or deny a post that your rank has no control over unless instructed to by a higher ranking staff member. °

° Do not get yourself involved with arguments on the forums. Just lock the thread and move on. °

Contact Nick / Pengurino / BAUM to perm ban Forum accounts


° Do not kick / ban people for no reason. °

° Do not discuss staff related things here °

° Do not leak anything to the public °

° Always be Mature / Professional otherwise it leads into a StaffWarn or Demotion °

°You may not Ban / Warn for DM Advertising as it's not related/connected to ColdNetwork (just block them)


° Do not argue here at all °

° Do not talk about random things in #staff-chat °

° Do not leak information to lower ranked staff (Admin+) (also counts for the ss chats & builder chats) °

° Do not disrespect each other °

° Know when to make jokes and when not to make jokes °

° Respect each other °

Managers & Owners always have the last word.


Helper rank is the first rank you will be given during your staffing time here at Cold. The purpose of this rank is so that we can see how you are as a staff member and also a temporary rank until you achieve SS-Verified. Your job is to moderate the chat and answer questions people may have. If you ever run into a cheater / block glitcher or anything that you do not have permission to deal with then if there are other Staff-Members online don't hesitate to contact one to come and help you out. If there are none online then make sure to try and gather evidence and send it to a Trial-Mod+ so they can deal with it.

Trial-Moderator is the rank you achieve after becoming SS-Verified. Your job now is to watch over the server and make sure there are no cheaters online. You now have permission to screenshare players you believe are cheating and are able to do player reports. You are still new to staffing on our servers therefore this is still a trial period before you reach moderator.

Now that you have achieved Moderator rank you are now granted with more permissions and are an even more trusted staff member. At this rank we expect you to know what you are doing so your wrong doings will be treated more seriously.

Now that you are a Senior Moderator you are able to handle ban appeals. You can decide the fate of any appeal but make sure that you are always being fair when dealing with appeals.

Head Moderator can be treated as your trial to becoming an Administrator. You are high up in the staff rank chain therefore we expect you to be setting an example for the lower ranking staff and helping them whenever needed.

Now that you have achieved the Administrator rank you now have access to our admin chat where we will discuss anything that the lower. ranking staff don’t need to know about. You are now one of our top staff so people will look up to you so make sure you are always being professional and doing your job correctly.

Now that you have achieved Senior Administrator you are now at the top and one of the most trusted staff members on the server and have a big say in certain things that can change the future of the server.
This rank has many assorted responsibilities with it.


The Staff Manager role will only be given to certain people who the management feel would be able to handle the role. Their job is to oversee the staff team, deal with staff applications, staff reports, interviews and much more.

The manager role will only be given to people that the owners trust with this level of responsibility. The main job for this rank is to manage the community and take in suggestions and work together with the owners to create new game modes / revamp current ones.

The Owner rank is a rank that you can not be promoted to. The Owners of the server are in charge of the development and the payment of the server. They also have the last say in any decision.


#announcements - This channel will be used to say anything that is important regarding the server or the staff team. Administrators and above can post here.

#Staff-of-the-month - This channel is to be used to announce Staff of the Month

#ss-bot - Used to access the Azran bot for screensharing. Do !download for a download link to the tool and then !pin for the pin to activate it. You will gain access to this channel once you receive SS-Verified

#staff-chat - Used to communicate with other staff regarding anything staff related.

#off-topic - Should be used for staff to communicate with each other about anything they like. Please don't spam this channel randomly or start arguments here.

#helper-chat - Used to communicate with helpers and give them useful links that they will need to read.

#ss-verified - Used to communicate with SS-Verified Staff and announce important stuff about Screensharing

#admin-chat - Used to discuss things regarding the server

#management-chat - Used to discuss things regarding the staff team / server.

#blacklists - This channel will be used to keep track of Blacklisted Players

#blacklist-discussion - This channel will be used to Discuss Blacklists (Admin+)

#ss-mod-chat - This is where SS-Mods communicate in regards to SS Test or SS Lessons.

#ss-warns - Used for issuing SS-Warns to people who do wrong (2 SS-Warns will revoke your SS-Verified rank).

#ss-lessons - Used to Train non-SS Verified StaffMembers

#new-members - Self explanatory, shows whenever someone has joined the discord server

#inactivity-chat - Used to post inactivity messages for people who won't be able to come online for over 2 days

#staffwarns-chat - Used for issuing staff warns to people who do wrong.

#suggestions - Used to Suggest things to Improve Staffing / Network

#suggestions-discussion - Used to discuss Suggested Suggestions

#staff-registry - This channel is to be used for when somebody needs to be added to the list of blacklisted staff members. Administrators and above can post here.

#Ownership-Team - Used to communicate between Managers and Owners

#punishment-appeals - Used to send punishment appeals that need sorting out.

#Staff-Meeting - This channel will be used for StaffMeetings

#Staff / Builder Lounge - Used to Chill around with other StaffMembers or Builders

BuildTeam Channels will be shown to Members with Builder, HeadBuilder and BuildTeamManager role


A player asks for help and you decide to help them, then another player asks for help too, but you can't help both at the same time.
What you should do here is to ask another staff member that is online to help you, do not be afraid to ask for help, we don't bite.

Let's say you're possibly screensharing a player, but get stuck in the middle of the ss.
The best thing you can do here is to ask another ss verified staff member for help!

You have done a false punishement on a player, and then you realise it, and you don't know what to do
You should explain what happened to a higher staff member and then they can remove/reduce the punishement, don't worry tho, everyone makes mistakes!

If you are screensharing, and the players PC are super laggy and none of the ss tools works.
You should tell the player that she's unable to ss and you have to ban them for it, but also say that they can make an appeal on forums and they will probably with high chances get unbanned

Someone wants to report you for false banning etc, but you haven't done anything.
Gather screenshots/evidence of the player breaking the rules of the server so you're all set up when the report comes in

You go into Teamspeak to talk with your fellow staff members and 1 of them moves in a player, the player starts to spam you/be toxic towards you etc.
Politely tell them to stop it, if they don't just kick them out of the channel

You are spectating a possible cheater and decides to freeze the player and tell them to join teamspeak, but it takes them more than 3 minutes to join teamspeak.
Just give them some extra time, maybe 4 or 5 more minutes. If they fail to join teamspeak after this time has ran out, ban them as they are possibly self-destructing.

You catch your friend/someone you know cheating on the network.
Ban them either way, even if they are your friends you need to ban them as they are breaking a server rule.

A player is breaking badsportmanship in the chat, and you mute them, and they decide to use /helpop saying that you are a bad staff just because you punished them.
Warn the player for "Abusing annoying command" and screenshot what caused you to punish the player in the first place so you can have some sort of evidence if you get reported.

You see another staff member abusing their staff ranks, but don't know what to do.
Take a screenshot/video and contact a StaffManager+ and they will take care of it!


(Applies to Trial Mod+).
When dealing with a player report make sure to always check if the player has proof. If they do not have any proof to backup their report then deny it. When you deny it tell them to add proof next time.
If they have proof however then make sure to review the proof carefully to make make sure there are no errors in your judgement. If you are ever unsure about a report you should always contact another staff member for a second judgement.
Never deny a report on someone just because he is your friend or known in the community. If you do this and we find out then you will be staff warned.

(Applies to StaffManagers+ )
When dealing with a staff report make sure that the player has evidence to backup their claims. If they do not have any proof then deny the report and tell them to include proof next time.
If they do have proof then send review it carefully and discuss with the rest of the head-staff about it.
If you believe that the report could be a one time mistake and the staff member reported could have been unaware or confused then accept the report and give the staff member a verbal warning.
However if it is something that is common sense and shouldn't have happened then accept the report and issue either a 0.5 or a 1 point staff warn depending on the situation. If needed demote them instantly.

(Applies to Senior Mod+)
When dealing with a punishment appeal the first thing you should do is check if the IGN they have provided is the correct IGN by checking the ban page or doing /checkban in game. If the IGN they have provided is not banned then tell them they have 24 hours to edit the appeal and include the correct IGN. If they fail to do so then deny it.
If the player banned has been banned by a staff member and says they are not guilty then always make sure to message the staff member and get their side of the story. If they give you solid proof that they were guilty then deny the appeal. If they do not have proof then ask the staff member if he would like the appeal to be denied or the ban reduced / unbanned.
Always check their last posts to see if they have already made an appeal and it has been denied. Check the date of that appeal and if it hasn't been two weeks since they were denied then deny their current appeal.
If they have been banned by the console and they admit then make sure to check if they have past history of breaking the rules and if they don't then unban them and give them a second chance. However if they have been banned before for the same reason many times then deny their appeal as they have had many chances to change.
If they do not have proof then make sure to check their logs by doing /logs in game. If their last logs are timer alerts with 100+ ping then it probably was false as they could have been stuck in a block / lagging out. If they set off a combination of killaura and reach before the ban then they were probably cheating. You can decide the fate of these appeals.

(Applies to Administrator+)
When looking at a staff application the first thing you want to do is check to see if it meets the requirements. If the application does not meet the requirements and they do not have permission to apply from a Staff-Manager then Administrators may deny those appeals.
If their application does meet the requirements but they have barely put any effort into the application and have no detail at all. Wait a few days to see if they edit it and add more. If they haven't added anything else then Senior Administrators and above may deny these applications.
If they have a good application and meet all the requirements then their application will be discussed within the head-staff. If they pass the vote they will be told to contact a Staff-Manager to arrange an interview.

(Applies to YouTube Managers)
Check if they have proof of owning the channel they are claiming to own. If they do not have proof then give them 24 hours to add proof. If they fail to do so then deny their application.
Check to see if they meet the required view / subscriber count. If they are extremely close to them then you should give them some leeway and see how they are.
Make sure that they already have some videos on our network on their channel before accepting them for the rank.
Once you have dealt with any of the above always make sure to move them to the correct area. Either the “Accepted” or “Denied” section.

(Applies to HeadBuilders / BuildTeamManager)
Check if they meet all requirements, if they don't meet all requirements you may give them 24 hours to edit the Application. If they fail to do so you may deny it.
Be sure to check their provided Buildings if they didn't copy them from any other source.
Once you have dealt with any of the above always make sure to move them to the correct area. Either the “Accepted” or “Denied” section.
HeadBuilders must discuss Applications with BuildTeamManagers before Accepting / Deny

This section will give you(Admins+) an understanding about what are valid reasons to blacklist for.

DDOS Threats/DDoS: DDoS attacks are taken very seriously here on cold network and we have a strict zero tolerance policy towards any form of DDOS Threat/“Hitting someone offline”.
“Say bye to your internet”
“You are going offline”
“Get ddosed”
*If you receive any proof of someone actually ddosing another play on cold”

DOX Threats/Doxing: Again, we take Dox threats/attacks very seriously on coldnetwork and we also have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of Doxing.
“I’m going to leak all your personal information”
“Your address is 123 cold street”

Mass amount of IP leaks: If someone leaks a mass amount of IPs in one time(5+).
“The whole staff teams IPs are
Staff1: 124.457.79
Staff2: 179.729.86
Staff3 : 928.919.97

Constant Ban evasion on alt accounts whilst using bhop etc: If someone is using blatant cheats on many alt accounts(7+)and you know who the main account of them all is.
Botting server/Threats: If someone is botting the server and you have proof of it being sent by them.
“I’m going to bot this server”
Many bots join the server at once and you know who the person doing it is


Here at Cold we have a striking system that consists of maximum 2 warnings points, if you manage to acquire 2 warning points you will be demoted without hesitation.
Most of the time you will be either given a 0.5 or a 1 point warning or even a Verbal Warn only which should then stop you from further breaking the rules. Depending on what you have done you could not be given any warning points at all and instantly be demoted.


If you are trying to find someone that is hacking through alerts I would recommend looking here. Alerts will be listed below along with their definition and possible cheats.

Common Alerts (Most likely not cheating):
- vVelocity ? Occurs in Sumo, user is not taking normal knockback. (Lag, NoKB, Velocity)
- NoVelocity ? User might be lagging or might of lost connection. (Lag, NoKB, Velocity)
- Ground Spoof ? User is lagging and staying in the air for a period of time. (Lag, Glide, Fly, Flight, Jesus)
- Click Concurrency ? User has suspicious CPS (Clicks Per Second). (AutoClicker, Triple Clicker)

Uncommon Alerts (Might be cheating):
- Click Pattern ? User has suspicious CPS (Clicks Per Second). (AutoClicker, Triple Clicker)
- Step ? User is extremely lagging or is staying in the air for a period of time. (Lag, Glide, Fly, Flight, Jesus)
- Hover ? User is extremely lagging or is staying in the air for a period of time. (Lag, Glide, Fly, Flight, Jesus)

Rare Alerts (Cheating):
- Aim Combined ? User is using aim cheats. (Aim Assist, Smooth Aim)
- Kill Aura A/B/R/etc ? User has suspicious hit rotation. (KillAura, MultiAura, TPAura)
- Speed A/B/R/etc ? User is using speed hacks. (BHop, Speed)
~ If there is a high percentage in the ( ) next to speed alerts the player is cheating. EX (109%)


° Auto Clicker °
kitmap (2C, 2E, 2J, 2X)
practice (6C, 6E,6F, 6J, 6X).
Both sub-servers display auto clicker alerts differently

° Fast Break °
Globally (3X)

° Invalid direction °
Globally (3H)

° BadPackets °
Globally (3B, 3F)

° Invalid Interact °
Globally (3V)

° Blink °
Globally (3Y)

° Fly °
Globally (4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4L)

° Fast place (MultiUse) °
Globally (3W)

° KillAura °
Globally (3A, 3C, 3D, 3H, 3P, 3R, 6A, 6B, 6E, 6G, 6H, 6M, 6N)

° Aimbot °
Globally (6A, 6C)

° Reach °
Globally (9A,9B. 9C, 9D)

° Omnisprint °
Globally (10E)

° Speed °
Globally (10A)

° Timer °
Globally (11A)

° Velocity, vVelocity, NoVelocity, hVelocity °
Globally (12A, 12B, 12C, 12D)

° Scaffold °
Globally (14A)

Globally - on all of our servers the grizzlybear displays/bans the same
Don't have meanings of 7a, 7b, pm me if you know it!

This Thread will be constantly updated
(do not change anything without Permissions)

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